Ever wonder what a billboard design looks like before it gets installed? Above you will see a design that has been used for two years for this client. Creating a lot of attention and increasing business.

“For over 10 years Castle’s Yard Barn Sales has delivered quality buildings and quality service to our customers in the Miami Valley area and across Ohio.  Our dedication to the satisfaction of all of our customers has been rewarded with over 10 amazing years of happy customers who have helped us establish a successful model of business based on return and referral business.  We are not only a local business, we are a family business that lives in the same community that we service.”

The design created for Castles Barn sales is BIG and BOLD. Bright colors, big phone number, and a web address easily visible to clients so they can be directed to an online sales site.

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Here at Huntington Outdoor we are so pleased to partner with local, family owned businesses. By creating the perfect design, finding the right location, and continually giving great service throughout the entire process of billboard advertising.

Happy Spring!

Jena Powell

Huntington Outdoor