If you Google “definition of branding,” you may find words like ‘“name”, “logo”, or “tagline”. The list can become really long fast when you are trying to learn how to build your brand or even understand what all this is about! So, let’s keep it short and sweet:

Business Name:

Your business name is often your customer’s first encounter with your brand. It’s an obvious differentiator from your competition, but most importantly the name carries the value you will be building as you develop your brand.


Your tagline defines your business in a memorable, unique way. If you don’t already have one consider writing what your business is in one big sentence, including a few values, then cut it down to a short 5 – 7 word sentence.


Your logo truly should be everywhere, so take some time to consider its colors. How does it look black and white? Does it pop in print advertising and digital? Wouldn’t it look great on a billboard? Anyway, your logo is the face of your company and a customer can form a first impression of your logo in 10 seconds! Logo’s are a visual aspect of your brand making them more memorable to your consumers then even your name or tagline.

Great! So, you probably have at least 2/3 branding elements listed above, but I want to point out that just having a name, a tagline, or logo will only get you so far. These are all just elements of branding and the key is to communicate your value to your customers. Tell them about your vision as a company. How did you start out and where are you going? Add in what you have done for the community or what you want to do! If there’s something you value then communicate it! Just keep it consistent.

But why does any of this matter?

Well my friends, have you ever heard of Coca Cola?! Of course, they’ve been around for over 130 years and they are one of the top 5 Best Global Brands of 2018. They keep this message consistent throughout the years to “enjoy a Coke.” And what color is the Coke label? Red! That’s brand recognition. Consumers of Coke identify with the brand easily and they keep going back. They go back because they are familiar with the brand and they feel like they are part of a community. It’s not just because Coca Cola is charitable, which they are, giving over $1 billion dollars to local communities worldwide, it’s through communicating a message they value that anyone can drink a Coke. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hcrz4Jq9WE


Article written by Anna Self  Cincinnati native, small business supporter/employee and (hopefully) future lawyer. Loves breakfast foods and drinks too much coffee.