Summer is kicking into full swing and traffic is UP! Great news for YOUR BILLBOARD! Due to Covid-19, traffic trends have shifted a bit and in lots of areas, we are seeing a huge increase in traffic.

Average across the state driving to public parks have increased by 227%, Grocery, and Pharmacy up 2%.

Each county has different patterns and we want to help YOU position your billboard to collateralize on this traffic increase.

Here are some county examples we have seen:

Hocking and Holmes Counties:

  • Retail and Recreation is up 30-33%! People are out buying and finding fun things to do!

Auglaize County:

  • Retail, Recreation, Grocery, Residential all up!

Clark County:

  • Retail, Recreation, Grocery, Residential all up!

We want your billboard to work for YOU! Now is the time to tell people in your community how your business can serve them well.

Have questions? Email or call us today and we will help you with a location and design for YOUR billboard.

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