What do you notice first about people? Perhaps their smile, hair, personality, voice, etc. Many of us work hard to make a good first impression. We wear braces for years to have a “perfect smile.” We practice how to walk, talk and make eye contact with people. We spend countless to maximize our social media reach. Why? Everyone wants to give the impression of professionalism, intelligence, and competence.

Paying the price and taking the time to make your business website look professional is 100% worth it. A business should be very concerned about their public image and how their business is portrayed to the rest of the world. When a potential customer looks at your website they should see up-to-date, innovative and professional content. Good business websites tell potential customers that your business is professional and knows what they are doing. Bad websites tell potential customers you are antiquated, out-of-date and probably incompetent.

  • Make sure to update your website frequently.
  • Optimize your website for search engines.
  • Tell your story through your website.
  • Use your social media outlets to promote your website.

Making your website look professional is easier than ever with simple and reasonably priced online website templates. However, to make your website look really nice a web designer would definitely be helpful. Good designers can usually make your website look professional within a couple hours. Being frugal is wonderful, but a business owner needs to know that cutting corners on your business website is not advisable. Remember your website is the first thing many people see of your business and you want to leave them with a good impression.