Business Billboard Design Pt. 1: Messages

“Over 8 in 10 (82%) of billboard viewers look at the advertising message.” -Arbitron

Today we are talking about billboard messages- what should be included and what shouldn’t be included. How many times do you see a billboard and are over whelmed by all the words? Many companies and businesses want to put all their information on their board: company name, phone number, email, address/location, social media platforms. It’s simply too much. So, we’re filing down what’s most necessary based off research from the Journal of Advertising Research and the Arbitron Out-Of-Home Study.

Here are some facts based on national research:

  • “Large amounts of text delay product recognition.” – Journal of Advertising Research
  • “Short headlines, a somewhat longer body text, and a product shot enhance the creative appeal of posters.”- Journal of Advertising Research
  • “Billboard advertising is one of the last messages a consumer receives before making a buy decision.” – Arbitron Out-Of-Home Study.

From our experience at Huntington, we can say that these rule ring true most of the time. The message is meant to point back to the product or service being advertised. The main goal is to keep things simple. It would be a safety hazard if people were stopping along the roads to write down every piece of information about the business. Instead, pick one piece of information and make it noticeable and memorable. Rather than adding all kinds of contact information, a good phrase or slogan catches the eye and stays in the mind. That way, when people are driving past a billboard they immediately look at the board, recognize the business, and feel inspired to look more into it. Here are some of our own examples:

Business Billboard Design                                              Business Billboard Design

Both of these companies feature their product. Star city preferred a phone number and service information, still without looking crowded, and Bowman Landes preferred a catchy slogan.

Huntington Outdoor has a great team that can put together the best board message for your business or company. Hopefully, by being more informed, you can trust that we have you covered.

Please head over to our design tips page on this site to read more about billboard design and messages.