The holidays are almost here! Here at Huntington, we like to take this time and reflect on the many blessings of the past year. We have much to be thankful for, a growing company, a strong committed team that believes in the mission of Huntington, our health, fantastic clients, the freedom we have in America to be entrepreneurs, etc. The blessings go on and on, and in this season of reflection when you try to be more loving and thankful to your loved ones, try to be more loving and thankful for your co-workers, boss, and business partners. Showing appreciation for those you work with is not only a nice thing to do, but it can also increase your productivity and the productivity of those you work with because people work harder to please when they know how thankful you are for them.
Some practical ways to show your thankfulness is to send thank you notes, packages, flowers, or get creative with the way you show others appreciation. The point is to reflect on your blessings and then actually do something about those blessings.
This holiday season remember to take the time to reflect on your many blessings, be thankful, and show that thankfulness to others.