Hometown Heroes

Let the celebrations begin (if they haven’t already)! Tomorrow is Independence Day! Backyard barbeques, sunshine, swimming, town parades, and endless fireworks all sum up a perfect American holiday. Our country was founded on the desire for freedom from a tyrannical British government. Freedom did not come easy, and still doesn’t today.

Our community has had the great privilege of being home to many men and women who formerly or actively serve in the United State Military. As a way to recognize them, Main Street Greeenville recently added light post banners of many of the men and women serving. This program, appropriately titled Hometown Heroes, is filled with the faces of those who have sacrificed so much to be able to keep our country safe.

Crysta Hutchinson of Main Street Greenville put this plan in motion over a year ago. She had seen similar support from other communities and decided it would be perfect for our own downtown community. She set the applications in place and responses came rolling in! Crysta got to work directly with the families and loved one of current military men and veterans. Here is the story of one of them:

Sacrifice on the Battlefield

Hometown Hero

Kenton Stacy grew up right here in Greenville, Ohio. Last year he was on deployment as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. On November 4, 2017 Stacy was hit by improvised explosive device (IED). He miraculously lived thanks to the constant care of his fellow crewmen. They kept him alive long enough for emergency responses to take over.

Stacy is now a quadriplegic and stays in Houston to receive constant medical treatment. What has happened to him is tragic, yet he is defying the odds with inspiring hope. Stacy has a loving family and support system from all over the country praying for him, raising awareness, and donating money.

Thank You All

Not everyone in the military has such a drastic experience, but each of them sacrifice something for our freedom. This 4th of July, Huntington Outdoor would like to thank every single one of our local men and women who have served or continue to serve. Each of them has made a sacrifice for our freedom. Here is a complete list.

Addison Griffith US Air Force Active
Alexander James Thomas US Marine Corps 2014-Present
Brian Stephan US Navy 1998-2003
Caleb Oda US Army 2017-Present
Elijah Woodworth US Navy 2017- Present
Eriel Valdes US Army 2007-2009
Ernie Lee US Marine Corps 1970 – 1976
Floyd Gilpin US Army 1942-1945
Gary W. Hudson US Marine Corps 1969-1975
Gaylen Blosser US Army 1966-1968
Gerald Greendyke US Army 1961-1968
Gerald Greer US Army 1951-1952
Harold E. Townsend US Army 1941-1945
Jack A. Harless US Navy 1943-1946
Jennifer Mitchell US Army 1991-Present
Jess Ryan US Marine Corps 2001-2006
John A. Bain US Army 1967-1970
John G. Garland US Marine Corps 1980-1983
Joseph Desjardins US Army 1979-Present
Joseph Sowers US Army 1999-2015
Kenton Stacy US Navy 2005-Present
Robert T. Olwine US Army 1951-1952
Rodney E. Saylor US Marine Corps 1967 – 1970
Ronald Jay Hahn US Army 1965-1967
Ryan Berry US Air Force 1986-1990
Steven Stebbins US Army 1967-1969
Tannier Reed US Army 2016-2018
Terry W. Gilpin US Air Force 1966-1970
Thomas H. Scantland US Marine Corps 2017-Present
Thomas R. Hess Sr. US Army 1948-1952


We would also like to thank Main Street Greenville for their decision to use our downtown as a place to not only shop, but bring our community closer together.