We Love Billboards!

We can’t believe summer is almost over. When you’re staying busy, time flies. We wanted to give you an inside look at what we are passionate about. Billboards are our business and billboard advertising may look like it is the mission of Huntington. However, billboard advertising is not the mission, goal, and heart of who we are here at Huntington Outdoor. The real goal of Huntington is to promote economic growth and raise awareness of small business owners to their clients. After all, we are a small business that has its roots deep in a rural, agricultural community. Many of us at Huntington come from a farming background so we understand the unique nature of a small business. Based in rural Greenville, OH we are surrounded by small businesses and count many of these business owners as our neighbors, friends, clients, and colleagues. We have seen and experienced the struggle, pain and long, dark nights of stress involved with owning your own business. Passion for independence and the “American Dream” fuel the dreams and goals of business owners to create the best business they can.

When we help others reach their goals, thus fulfilling their passions, we achieve our goals and fulfill our passion to be a helping hand. We love billboards because we love what they do for businesses around us.